Step 1. Registrar will log in to the school's Wela portal.

Step 2. After logging in, click the "Enrollees" icon or search "Enrollees List".

Step 3. User will then be brought to Enrollees. To create an enrollee, click "New".

Step 4. Fill in the necessary details of the student:

  • For New and Transferee Students - Find the "Status" field, click it and select "New". Proceed to encode the details of the student.
  • For Continuing Students -  Find the "Status" field, click it and select "Continuing". Then in "Student" field, input the name of the student and select the student's record. Enrollee page will then be auto-filled by the student's previous record. User can then proceed to update the student's details.

Step 5. After encoding the student's details, click "Save". (Note: Double check the contact details of the parents/guardian and be sure to set the "In case of emergency" field)

Step 6. After saving, user can then also attach files/documents of requirements.(Optional)

Step 7. User can now set a tuition plan for the student by clicking "Click here to view/set tuition plan". User will the be brought to Enrollee Customer to set the student's fees and tuition plan.

Step 8. Scroll down and find the "Tuition Plan" field and select the student's tuition plan.

  • If student has additional fees to be included, click on "Add Row" located below the ADDITIONAL FEES table.
  • If has discounts to be included, scroll down to the bottom and locate DISCOUNT SECTION. Click "Add Row" and input the necessary details.

Step 9. After setting the necessary fees and checking the tuition plan, click "Save" to set the total assessment of the student.

Step 10. After saving, click "Submit". System will then prompt user to confirm submission of entry. Click "Yes" to submit or "No" not submit. (Entry will stay drafted if No is chosen)

Step 11. System will ask if user would like to send payment link though text to parent. Click "Yes" to send or "No" to ignore send.

Student has now successfully been set a tuition plan and is now Officially Enrolled.